The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith!: Discover the Secrets of the Bible

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The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith, looks like a great guide to the Bible. Any plans for a series or additional similar books?

I like the idea of this book being the catalyst that convinces people to study the ultimate guide: the Bible. In a way this book is a guide that introduces people to unorthodox study methods that prove the Bible is the ultimate guide.
I wasn’t thinking in terms of a series related to this book. But yes, I guess I do have a series in the works. There is three more books.
I believe this book sets people up to desire the rest of the series I’m developing.
I am nearly ready to publish what I call ‘The Schoolmaster Bible Study’. This is a 750-page journal. I categorized the Torah into roughly 350 topics. Individuals (or Groups) categorize the Bible, essentially making their own personal concordance.
I also created a children’s coloring book. There is more than 50 images that cover the details from Creation to the Tower of Babel (Genesis 1-11).
I have the second (fourth) book in the works.
This first book set out to prove the Bible is the most scientific religious text ever composed! I believe I accomplished that goal.
In the process I had to keep that goal in mind. As such I had to leave so much material out of the first book!
The Second Book will try to deal with that material.
Just a teaser. I have what I consider to be archaeological evidence connected to the Pre-Peleg North American Natives (Indians) and the Hebrews of Moses’ day.
Basically, this book is for people that need a nudge to convince them the Bible is the Word of God!
The Coloring Book is to help Families introduce their children to the awesome Word of God, at their level.
The Schoolmaster Bible Study is to help Adults finish the game!
Several friends believe this book would make an excellent History Channel type series. One like Ancient Aliens (without the twisting of Scriptures) or Oak Island (without the drama).
I love how this question made me think this through.

What do you think makes a great guide?

In my youth I was a Webelos, Cub Scout and Boy Scout. I wish I would have seen the value of becoming an Eagle Scout.
The one thing I remember is the Boy Scout Manual being a Survival Guide. I was amazed at how that book showed how to start a fire, handle weapons safely and set up a camp. That manual walked a youth through the basics of being an honorable woodsman!
That is what I call a Guide.
The Bible is the Boy Scout Manual on the Ultimate steroid. The Bible covers every aspect of our earthly life. It lays out the life style that brings a couple together, so they can raise their children properly!
The Bible lays out a real good justice system called the rule of law! There is no mob justice.
The Bible lays out a real good Political system as well.
If I had to take a stab at the percentage of America’s foundation, from 1621 to 1954 that was based on the Bible, I would say it was around 75%!
I guess I have to conclude the Boy Scout Manual and The Bible make for GREAT Guides!

What inspired you when writing The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith?

At this point I am 53 years old. From the age of 13 or 14 I was trying to study the Bible, with the Greek and Hebrew. Actually I look back and think God’s Spirit showed me awesome stuff. By the time I was 18 I had Genesis 1, John 1 and the Book of James memorized!
Most Bible students love Bible Prophecy! I do as well.
But as the years went by I would here Biblical topics like ‘The Bible Codes’, ‘Hidden Messages’ and ‘we can’t know the dates for historical events like Noah’s Flood or Jesus’ Birth’!
Well, as these so called facts remained in the back of my mind I continued to study the Bible in some good times and a whole lot in the bad times.
Those bad time were the depressing times that cause people to do bad things to themselves or others. I have to believe the Kingdom of Heaven influenced me just enough to ‘Seek God First’ while Despair (for my Loss and guilt) covered my spirit!
This Book’s topics began 20 some years ago. And as the despair that takes most people took hold in my life, each Holy Spirit Revelation caused me to set aside my loss for Heaven’s reality!
I wish I could say, “I wanted to know the contents of the book I wrote, and I studied it out”! But I have to give the Spiritual Realm credit for influencing me just enough to keep my nose in the Good Book instead of focusing on my Loneliness and Guilt!
I believe God’s Breath inspired my focus!

What are your ambitions for your writing career? Full time? Part time?

The last 27 years I have considered myself a part-time Truck driver trying to spread the Good News. It hasn’t worked out like I wanted!
From the age of 14 I thought I would one day become a Preacher/Pastor. I now understand I most likely do not qualify as a Preacher or Pastor!
But I see no Biblical prohibition against me being a Circuit Riding Preacher (Teacher)!
I love the thought of True Preachers presenting the Gospel.
I see myself in an F-350, with a 5th wheel pulling a large Home on wheels, traveling from town to town presenting a demonstration of this book. A demonstration that PROVES the Bible is the most scientific religious text ever composed, making the Bible the Word Of God!!!
I have to admit, I have lost hope in earning a living as a Writer!
My livelihood has come from being a Bomb loader and Truck driver.
I am starting to accept a bomb loader, truck driver and dealer with warehouse workers may have no other option than to think in terms of earning a living through writing, or I will drive the big rigs until I retire.
I would like to earn a living as a writer.
I did not write this book with the idea of making money! My other books were definitely written with money in the back of my mind.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I left the United States Air Force at the end of 1991. I received an Honorable Discharge!
Based on my youth and the Love of studying the Bible, around 1994 I decided I was going to write a book about ‘Baptism’!
I actually laid out the whole foundation for Baptism and wasn’t able to finish the project, do to a lack of knowledge and wisdom!
But the studying continued and resulted in this book.
Thus, here we are. Getting this book out is why I have decided to try to make a living as a writer.

When writing The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith did anything stand out as particularly challenging?

Approximately 20 years ago I started figuring out how to place the events of Noah’s Flood on a Lunar Calendar.
I also started realizing how to incorporate “a day is as a thousand years” with the Solar and Lunar year.
Then I finally saw that one could use the Lunar Charts to calculate exact historical dates. I started working the Math with a 12 Digit Calculator.
It took me 8 years to finally pinpoint the right historical event that finished the Biblical 9,000 year mechanical calendar system.
Finding the correct Lunar, Solar and Sidereal relationship to Noah’s Flood and the Gregorian calendar was a real challenge.
The next crippling challenge throughout the process was accepting Linux (and not Microsoft) was the only way I could write books. After Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP I switched to Linux completely. From that point on the Security Issues and financial burden associated with Mac and Microsoft lifted!

How did you come up with the ideas and concepts in The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith?

Over the last 25 years I have identified 16 different types of encoded information through the Bible. Over the road trucking gave me several options when it came to radio stations. Radio is all a truck drivers has while driving. For the most part I tuned into Christian radio stations. I got the best and worst Christian and Messianic Jewish preachers.
These are some of the topics that gave me the ideas for this book.
There is the Original Greek and Hebrew. Then there are the Translations of the Greek and Hebrew texts.
We simply read these for the surface text to find what is there for everyone to see.
But when I started realizing there was hidden messages contained in Lineages and lists of locations I started realizing the Bible was more like a computer program.
I stumbled across the Equidistant Letter Sequencing (The Bible Code).
I realized the details of Noah’s Flood also doubled as symbolic references for a 9,000 year calendar system.
The Tabernacle in the Wilderness was also the most sophisticated (naked eye) Observatory.
Around 7 May 2017 my spirit was filled with the need to turn these linguistic impossibilities into a book.
Again, I give the LORD God credit for guiding me in ways that took me to places my mind would not have gone.

What do you like to do when not writing?

When I’m not studying/writing I play the guitar and harmonica. I love using my telescope to view the heavens. As I get older I’m slowing down as a runner! I have become pretty good at acquiring older computers and using Linux to its full potential!

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

I have put up for individuals looking for a much more civilized Internet home. This site is a Social Network. It is designed for individuals looking to find others that have a desire for fellowship, Bible based study and/or simply to get to know other Believers.
On this Social Network site we have full profile options, site membership, groups, Forums and so on.
It’s got to be done right!