Armed to Resist!

 Is it possible to talk about Christianity without referencing the Bible, or have we created a new "American Church" in search of cultural relevance?

Apostasy does not happen overnight; like a dripping faucet, it is gradual and steady. It begins with rejecting Scripture's sovereignty and takes root in seemingly small compromises. Over the course of the history of the Christian church, there has been a dramatic shift away from the original beliefs of Christianity, with many modern churches denying the authority of the Bible. In Armed to Resist!, author Stephanie Jaworski calls on modern churches to return to the fundamental teachings of the Bible.

There are many issues that can lead churches astray, but Jaworski believes the common thread is putting aside God's Word. Today's evangelical churches have conformed to the pattern of America's depraved culture. Churches are pillars of spiritual guidance and should help their congregations deepen their understanding of Scripture, helping them discern God's will amid the noise of the world. The call for Christians to be bold in their convictions and shine their light has never been more critical. Through unwavering faith and the embodiment of biblical principles, Christians can transform lives. The foundation for a bold Christian life lies within the sacred pages of the Bible.

Jesus Healer and Savior: A Coloring Journey Unveiling the Majesty of Jesus the Christ

Embark on a vibrant journey of faith with 'Jesus Healer and Savior' - the ultimate Christian coloring book designed for every member of your family. Immerse yourself in beautifully intricate illustrations that bring to life the miraculous healings and teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Inspiring Artistry: Discover 30 exquisitely detailed illustrations portraying the compassion and transformative power of Jesus.

Meditative Experience: Coloring these intricate designs provides a peaceful way to meditate on His teachings and miracles.

Perfect for All Ages: From children to adults, this coloring book is a delightful activity for the entire family to enjoy together.

Therapeutic Creativity: Unwind and find solace in the therapeutic benefits of coloring while deepening your connection with Christ.

Educational and Uplifting: Each page is an opportunity to learn and reflect on the profound impact Jesus had on those He touched.

Elevate your spiritual journey through creativity! Order 
'Jesus Healer and Savior' today and let your family experience the love, healing, and peace that radiates from every page. Dive into the scriptures and colors, and let the transformative power of Christ fill your hearts!"

Bible Talk: 50 literal drawings explained (Author Interview)

What inspired you to create "Bible Talk: 50 literal drawings explained"?

I wanted to create a book that would get people’s attention and give them an enjoyable way to learn what the Bible is about.

How did you choose which Biblical sayings to depict in your drawings?

I wanted to cover all the important points in the Bible. And I also looked for sayings that could be depicted in a humorous drawing. And there were some false teachings I wanted to expose.

In what ways did you ensure that your interpretations were faithful to the original context and meaning of the Bible?

That can only be done with God’s blessings and a lot of hard work.

You mention that the book also addresses "some of the false ideas most people have about God." Can you provide an example of a common misconception and how your drawings challenge it?

One of them is the idea that God tortures people forever in fire. The drawing depicts that absurd idea, and then I debunk it in my explanation.

How did you approach the task of translating written scripture into a visual format while maintaining its depth and complexity?

I took a lot of risks. Boldness is an essential element of a good book.

How do you hope readers will benefit from "Bible Talk: 50 literal drawings explained"?

My hope is that it will make them look for answers in the Bible for themselves.

Which of the 50 drawings resonates the most with you personally, and why?

Probably the last one, where Jesus is waking Lazarus from death. It takes the fear out of death. And that’s really the message of the Bible.

In our visually-driven age, how do you see the role of art in enhancing one's understanding of religious texts like the Bible?

People will look at a drawing and get an AHA moment. They’ll think, I know that, he’s fishing for people! Illustrations are so important in a book.

Stop Living For The Weekend: Finding Joy In Every Day (Author Interview)

What inspired you to write your book?

The inspiration behind writing this book was a personal journey of transformation. For years, I was caught in a cycle of living only for the weekends, missing out on the beauty and joy each day holds. Recognizing the importance of embracing everyday moments, I embarked on a quest to reshape my perspective and find fulfillment in the present. I'm passionate about sharing these revelations with readers and guiding them toward a more gratifying and purpose-driven existence. This book recounts my pursuit of everyday happiness, and I hope it will inspire others to do the same.

Who (type of reader) did you write the book for?

This book is for all readers, especially those who yearn for a more fulfilling and joyful life. If you've ever found yourself caught in the routine of waiting for the weekends to truly live or seeking a way to infuse your everyday existence with purpose and happiness, then this book is tailored just for you. Whether you're navigating the challenges of a demanding career, balancing family responsibilities, or simply desiring to embrace the beauty of each day, this book provides insights and guidance to help you create a life of greater purpose and meaning.

What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

I hope this book inspires readers with renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the beauty and opportunities each day holds. Life is short, and I desire readers to find inspiration and practical guidance to break free from the cycle of simply existing and start truly living. I want them to discover the power of small changes, daily practices, and mindset shifts that can lead to greater joy, fulfillment, and a more meaningful life. Through the stories, reflections, and lessons this book shares, I aim to empower readers to embrace their unique journey, prioritize what truly matters, and uncover the pockets of joy that await them every day.

How did you decide on your book's title and cover design?

My book's title and cover design was deeply influenced by my personal experiences and the message I wanted to convey to readers. Sunsets hold a special significance to me as they serve as a powerful reminder to appreciate the beauty of the present moment and the opportunities each day brings. This connection between sunsets and gratitude inspired the cover design, which features a captivating sunset scene.

The book's title, "Stop Living for The Weekend," reflects a sentiment that resonated with me deeply. I realized that for many years, I had been caught up in a cycle of only truly living during weekends and special occasions, missing out on the joy that could be found in everyday moments. This realization drove my desire to share my journey and insights with others, helping them break free from this pattern.

In essence, the title and cover design were carefully chosen to encapsulate the book's central theme: the importance of embracing each day, finding joy in the ordinary, and moving beyond the mindset of existing solely for the weekends.

How long did it take you to write the book?

Writing this book has been a meaningful and transformative journey that spanned over the course of three years. Most of the book was written during a period of bedrest during my pregnancy. This unexpected pause in my daily routine gave me a unique opportunity to reflect, ponder, and pour my thoughts onto the pages. It was during this time of stillness and introspection that the book's core messages began to take shape.

Were their experiences in your personal life or career that came in handy when writing this book?

Absolutely, my personal life and career experiences have played a significant role in shaping the content and insights shared in this book. As a teacher, I gained a deep understanding of the importance of finding joy in everyday moments. The challenges and rewards of working with students taught me valuable lessons about embracing change, cultivating resilience, and appreciating small victories.

Moreover, becoming a parent opened my eyes to the profound impact of time and presence. Balancing the demands of motherhood with my other roles highlighted the need to prioritize and savor the moments that truly matter. These experiences underscored the significance of the book's message – to stop merely existing and start truly living.

Additionally, the journey of writing this book became part of its narrative. The moments of doubt, the victories, and the challenges I encountered throughout the writing process allowed me to empathize with readers who may be embarking on their own paths of self-discovery.

Ultimately, my personal life and career experiences served as both a wellspring of inspiration and a foundation of relatability, enabling me to craft a book that speaks to the universal pursuit of happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.

What scene or section did you have the most fun writing?

One of the most enjoyable sections was "Embracing the Unexpected: Finding Joy in Surprises." In this section, I shared personal anecdotes of moments when unexpected events or situations turned out to be delightful surprises. I recounted stories of unplanned moments of joy.

Writing about these experiences allowed me to relive those joyful and surprising moments and share them with readers. It was particularly fun to reflect these surprises have added vibrancy and depth to my life. Sharing these stories reinforced the book's central message of embracing life's unpredictability and finding happiness in unexpected twists and turns. It was a great reminder that some of life's most cherished moments come from the unscripted and unforeseen.

What challenges did you overcome in the writing this book? 

One challenge was finding the right balance between personal anecdotes and universal themes. While I wanted the book to be deeply rooted in my own experiences, I also aimed to make it relatable and applicable to many readers. Striking that balance required careful thought to ensure that the stories and reflections resonated with readers beyond my own perspective.

If people can buy or read one book this week or month, why should it be yours?

This book will change lives! 

Today, far too many individuals battle depression, stress, anxiety, and an inability to find true happiness. It's my mission to transform this narrative. Life is short, and this book is a compelling reminder that happiness should be paramount. I'm committed to fostering a true joy and fulfillment culture.

It's not just a book; it's a life-changing companion that can guide you toward a brighter, more purposeful life.

Where can readers find out more about your work?



Reign: God made you to rule like a King (Author Interview)

1.       What inspired you to write “Reign”?

About one year ago God showed me a vision of the cover of the book. I saw the word “Reign” boldly printed in gold against a beautiful royal blue background. I ask the Lord what are you showing me and He began to download strategies on how to receive this revelation knowledge that He wanted me to write about. He wanted me to mature so that I could go to new levels and in Him and teach others who are struggling in their Christian walk have strategies to fulfill their purposes and destinies. When you have revelation knowledge it gives you permission to go occupy and take over for the Kingdom of God.

2.       What type of reader did you write the Book “Reign” for?

The book was written to assist Christians in their daily walk with God.   Being a Christian is an upward battle. You are faced with many trials and experience many situations in your life and if you do not have the strategies and tools to overcome these things you may give up. But as a believer you should never give up. Because on the other side of these difficulties that you may be facing is your breakthrough or promotion.

3.       What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

God is looking for believers who will step into the high places, but we have to be mature in Him and ready to take on whatever He tells us to do. God wants to take us to places that we never thought possible. But, if you are not consecrated, rooted, and grounded in Him he is not going to be able to take you there. We must arise and learn these truths so that we won’t only be Sunday morning Christians taking up a seat and dealing with the same issues year after year stuck in the same place. We are His masterpiece and He wants to manifest His good favor upon our lives. God has so far for us to go!

4.       How did you decide to write the book title and cover design?

Well, all I can say is that I let God lead me. He showed the book cover before I even began writing it.  Then I began to ask Him to lead and guide me to the truths. The book “Reign” was birthed.

5.       How long did it take to write the book “Reign”?

The book took about a year to write. But when you write a book it doesn’t stop there. You have to proof read it. Then it goes through a process of editing, formatting, and design.

6.       Were the experiences in your personal life or career that came through when writing this book?

Yes, absolutely! We are all faced with circumstances in our lives. But God has given us keys and strategies so that you can defeat our adversary. You need to get these truths in you so that you can go to new levels in your walk with God. You have an identity and it’s found in Jesus. But if you don’t know who you are you can’t go any higher or take territory for the Kingdom of God.

7.       How would you describe your writing style? Which writers or books are you similar to?

My writing style is meant to bring messages of hope, healing, restoration, revelation knowledge and wisdom. Some of my mentors are Bill Winston, Dr. Francis Myles, Katie Souza, Andrew Womack, Kevin Zadai, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin. Just to name a few.

8.       What challenges did you overcome in writing this book?

Yes, these truths I write about helped me in my own walk with God. We have to understand that where we are in our walk with God is our responsibility. God already did everything for us and now it’s time for us to rise and listen to what God is telling us to do. So, He will send someone like me to write a book and bring these truths out so that people can draw from this well of wisdom and move past the obstacles that are holding them back.

9.    If people can buy or read one book this week or this month. Why should they buy your book?

They should buy the book because if they want to go to new levels in their walk with God there are biblical truths that they should know. After speaking with many believers in church’s they only know the basics which will not take you anywhere if you are wanting to make great strides in your walk with God. You are in great danger if your eyes are not open to these truths. You need them in your daily walk with God. We need to know who we are as a believer in Christ and the power that we possess. This knowledge will open your eyes and you will see that you are a king and God placed you in the earth to “Reign”. Each one of us has a purpose and destiny to fulfill. It is up to us to find out what gifts and talents that God has placed in us and use them for the Glory of God.

10Where can readers find out more about your work?

I have a blog and readers can visit and connect with me there at I have other books available and I have a utube channel (address below) where I did ten teachings on my last book “Dominion” They can check them out there!  All my books are available on Amazon.


Before the Day Ends: Hope and Courage in Times of Uncertainty (Author Interview)

What inspired you to write Before the Day Ends?

Before the Day Ends shares how each day presents many unique paths to explore and experience the remarkable world God has created. Over the years, Frank has had many unique opportunities to explore and experience the remarkable world God has created. His goal for this book is to share some of the lessons he has learned along the way and to offer encouragement, enjoyment, and perhaps a new perspective here and there.


Who (type of reader) did you write the book for?

Mostly adults who are looking for a reflective devotional book.  Also, at the end there are a complete set of questions designed for small group leader. 


What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

Encouragement to live a life with courage and faithfulness.  For small group leaders, I hope that this text will provide them resources for learning and thoughtful engagement and conversation within their group.


How did you decide on your books title and cover design?

Before the Day Ends is designed to prepare for the next day.  The image is a photograph I took in Petra, Jordan. I like the light appearing at the end of the canyon beckoning to a new adventure.


Were their experiences in your personal life or career that came in handy when writing this book?

Nearly all of the stories in this text are personal or based on a personal experience.


How would you describe your writing style? Which writers or books are you similar too?

I enjoy Annie Dillard’s careful view of the world and I appreciate her engaging style.  I have also tried to make this text conversational


Where can readers find out more about your work?

The book is available on Amazon.  Also, I have a website



From the Wilderness to the Narrow Path: A Journey of Surrender and Course Correction (Author Interview)

From the Wilderness to the Narrow Path looks like a great book.  What can you tell us about it?

I wrote and published this book in less than three months. The book is about my spiritual journey, specifically my walk with God – so this journey has been entirely Spirit-led. I share my story and the details of what led me into a full relationship with God and I share steps that I believe are the foundation for anyone who is searching to deepen their relationship with God.


What type of reader did you write the book for?

I think most authors would love their book to be for everyone, but I understand this is not how life works. My book is for people who believe there is a God but have been so misled by church and religion that they stepped away from it and only consider themselves to be spiritual because they don’t trust churches and religion. It’s for people who believe in God but are questioning why they don’t have the things they should have according to God’s Word, the Bible. It’s for people who don’t know what to believe and are searching for the right path for their journey. It’s for people who see that we have been conditioned and programmed to accept certain belief systems and operate according to what the world says but feel no peace in operating along with the world’s ways.


What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

I hope after reading my book, the reader will truly understand what a relationship with God looks like, and that they will study God’s Word for themselves. I hope they will have the courage to break free from the conditioning and programming of the world and simply do what Jesus instructed us to do - repent and seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. As a result of seeking, they will experience a more fulfilling life and understand more about their purpose for being here in this world.

I also created a companion journal with writing prompts for the reader to write about their own journey. I think it’s an excellent tool for anyone searching for the narrow path.


How did you come up with the title for the book?

I feel like the Holy Spirit downloaded it to me - I woke up one morning and the title came to me. It perfectly describes my journey.


What trends do you see in your topic and where do you think your book fits in?

I think everyone is searching. There are things happening in the world, in our lives, and all around us that have caused more stress and anxiety than ever before. People are searching for peace. There are so many paths, and there’s so much deception in the world that it’s easy to go down the wrong path.

My book is an introduction to the foundation I believe is necessary to find the peace that people are looking for and it is based on my personal journey. Religion has done so much damage. The moment you say the name “Jesus,” many people turn away and want nothing to do with it because of what they may have experienced in a church or what they’ve seen others go through.

I want people to look again at Jesus and at the Bible - but through a different lens. One that is not clouded by what this world says but is clear because the journey will be Spirit-led.


Were there experiences in your personal life or career that came in handy when writing this book?

There were multiple experiences in both my personal life and career that not only came in handy but were the catalysts that led me to write this book.


What section did you have the most fun writing?

This may sound crazy, but everything happened so quickly that I don’t remember writing my book. I remember being led by the Holy Spirit to do so and understanding that it would be published within three months, but it was a whirlwind, and it was all pretty fun!


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing From the Wilderness to the Narrow Path?

The chapter titled, “Hello My Name is Chastity Dawn.” I wanted to write this book but didn’t consider how much of my personal business I would need to share in order to tell my story authentically.


What do you like to do when not writing?

I enjoy learning and going deeper in my spiritual journey, but I also love watching all types of shows on various online streaming platforms. I enjoy a wide variety of genres and will watch anything from teenage coming-of-age shows to comedy and science fiction. I also love music and listen to several genres, but classic Hip Hop and R&B are at my core. I also really enjoy doing Pilates and it’s something I’d like to do for the rest of my life.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

My blog website is, or readers can connect with me on Facebook 

( or Instagram 


My book is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats on platforms including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Audible, and iTunes.


Barnes & Noble

Google Play

Apple Books





Sacremind (Author Interview)

Sacremind looks like a great book.  What can you tell us about it?

Sacremind is a Journal with 365 prompts, inspirational pieces, and prayers to guide you in building a stronger bond with God and emotional and physical growth. Sacremind Journal instills the importance of positive emotions, positive environments, and positive energy. Sacremind Journal helps individuals embrace their full potential, go for their dreams and never give up.

Can you tell us a little about your target market?

Sacremind originated to motivate individuals on the verge of giving up. This journal brings you closer to God and inspires forgiveness, courage, growth, and success. We aid others in evaluating and dealing with emotions, embracing failure as it brings us closer to success, and remaining hopeful when we lose control over events or circumstances.

What inspired the idea for the book?

I discovered the importance of journaling during a very hard time in my life. The goal was to journal every day and I believed a prompted journal would have been very beneficial. Wanting this for myself inspired me to create it for others. I learned how to evaluate and deal with emotions. To not fear change but to embrace it and realize my power. The importance of processing in the present and embracing failure, for failure is a part of success. To not lose hope when I lose control over events or circumstances in my life but to break barriers and conquer insecurities. I discovered so much while journaling and wanted to share that with others.

How did you come up with the title for the book?

The title came to me when the Journal was partially completed. Writing this journal brought me closer to God and gave me a peace of mind. The questions and motivational pieces are to give the readers the same feeling. To give readers peace, a deep understanding of oneself and to let go of all negativity. Our minds are sacred, mental health is very important and our hope is that people will do whatever it takes to protect it.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Sacremind?

What was most challenging when writing the Sacremind Journal was making it suitable for a wide target market. I didn’t want my book to be for only men or only women or directed to a certain age group. I wanted to inspire and reach out to anyone battling mental health, anyone having a hard time coping, anyone battling depression and anyone who believe in God, his grace and his mercy.

What do you like to do when not writing?

When I am not writing I am looking for new ways to grow, learn, and to spread his word.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

The Sacremind Journal is available on our Amazon storefront. 

Pursued: God’s relentless pursuit and a drug addict’s journey to finding purpose (Author Interview)

Pursued looks like a great book.  What can you tell us about it?

We had lit a forest on fire...
We were stoned as crap...
My sister was calling 9-1-1...

As I watched the flames dance across the twilight sky, consuming everything in their path, I realized they represented my life. In my pursuit of pleasure and partying, I had ignited an addiction worse than any forest fire. After five arrests, a dozen allegations, a v-squad of cop cars chasing me down center street, and years of worshipping all the wrong things led me to the brink of death, I finally found hope in life. This is a story of how the initially enthralling and sometimes humorous pursuits of drugs, sex, and success cannot satisfy in the way that they promise, but there is One who can.

Embark on a journey of tears, hysteria, and utter chaos that will help you realize you are not as alone in your brokenness as perhaps you once thought.


Any plans to turn it into a series?

I have two more books in mind that would turn this into a ripping series.


That’s an amazing cover.  Can you tell us about it?

My wife is a professional illustrator. She usually commissions pet portraits and specializes in realism, but when it came time to create my book cover, it was a no brainer. She is the best artist I know and she couldn’t have done a better job! I love it!

The mountains are based on pictures that she took just outside the studio she works at. They are pictures of the Wasatch Front, the mountain range in which the scene of the life-threatening accident in my book took place. The silhouette is me and it’s based on a real photograph she took of me posing. No, I wasn’t actually smoking a dobie when she took it. Been clean from that crap a long time! :D


What inspired the idea for the book?

I’ve known that I needed to write this book from the moment God saved my life with those three world shattering miracles. There are a lot of books about drug addicts, and there are even more books about drug addicts getting straight. There are very few things that dig into the root cause of addiction and even fewer that do so in a way that makes people break down with hysteria in one chapter, and weep themselves to sleep in the next.

For weeks, months, and years after that accident. As the surgeons inserted titanium screws, bolts, and rods into my bones, as my body slowly recovered and I learned how to walk again, all I could think was, why would God save somebody like me? I lived my whole life in rebellion against Him. If there was anyone who deserved death, it was me. And yet, without His intervention, I would be dead. A God whom I did not even believe in interjected in my life in concrete, tangible ways. On that mountain, some place between life and death, I saw Him. He held me in His arms and He chose to spare my life. In that moment I realized God isn’t a pile of bricks and a set of outdated rules, like i’d always thought. He is my maker. The one who made me and has a plan for my life. The one who see’s my brokenness completely and loves me still.

This book is just as much for those who are facing addiction as it is for their friends, mentors, counselors, and teachers. For all those high schoolers and college students thinking that drinking and partying is the high-life, this will hit home. For all those graduates and working professionals striving relentlessly to build a name for themselves through accomplishments, wealth, status, luxury, and success, this book will resonate.

Maybe you're at your wit's end, believing that you will never heal, you will always be broken. Maybe you're in the trenches of addiction or maybe you recently took your first hit or shot. Either way, these humorous pursuits, sorrowful stories, and powerful truths will help you know you're not alone in your battles and your hardships. More than that, this book will empower you to stand and fight for yourself and for those you love!

How did you come up with the title for the book?

During the first two years of writing I couldn’t think of a good title. After the fifth draft I started calling the book “A Rock Saved My Life.” After the ninth draft something was tugging at me. The title didn’t sit quite right. The title Pursued struck me out of nowhere, but it made sense. In my pursuit of drugs, sex, partying, hooking up, and success, the more I had the more I needed. I couldn’t find anything that truly satisfied. Yet, the whole time I pursued all these fleeting and temporary pleasures, the only true satisfaction in the universe was pursuing me with relentless passion and determination. It fits.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Pursued?

I initially wrote 300,000 words. For those of you who aren’t writers or avid readers, that is about three to four novels worth of words. The process of condensing, consolidating, and refining each of those precious stories was painful. I ended up cutting more than I kept! The book took over 5,000 hours which equates to three-and-a-half years of working 30+ hours per week on it!

What do you like to do when not writing?

“The more I tried to refrain from drugs, the more important became snowboarding, wakeboarding, longboarding, skating, biking, hiking, bouldering, cliff jumping, and every other thing that got my adrenaline pumping. I realized these things couldn’t balance me out inside, but they were good outlets. That feeling of insidious fear, the big “what if?” that pulsates through your mind while suspended in midair. The split second where everything seems to freeze before you go plummeting towards the ground like a bolt of lightning.” Pg. 196, Pursued

Where can readers find out more about your work?

If you’d like to read all the raving reviews, check them out on Amazon, and then grab yourself a copy!

I’ve been spending a lot of time developing free resources for addicts and their loved ones. You can find them at

I’m also writing a companion guide that goes along with the book and am offering that complimentary to anyone who wants to download it! Studies on resilience have found that developing one or more deep interpersonal relationships with a responsible non-substance abusing adult can increase resilience up to 80%. I have too many friends who have lost the fight to drugs and I want to help as many other people as possible to have break-through with their loved ones.

If you simply loved the book and want to donate a few copies to struggling youth at the Utah rehabs, jails, and treatment centers that Michael volunteers at you can do so here! Thank you so much!

The resources are designed to take you from a place of powerlessness to a place of hope by giving you a concrete plan for battling your addictions! There a lot of things still in the works so please be patient with me. I’m aiming to have all of the online courses and companion guide finished by mid-July, 2023.

Your Miraculous Child Within: "Happiness Now and Forever" (Author Interview)

Can you tell us a little about Your Miraculous Child Within?

What did Christ mean when He said to His Apostles in Matthew 18:3“become like children or you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

If it was just to be humble, why confuse His Apostles and us with the most profound subject for us all, eternal life. Did our Lord, mean just believe in Him and be humble? There must be more!

At that time there were no Christians just believers and the Holy Spirit had not yet descended.
What would be their model? Christ said children! What about children? The Apostles realized their eternal life depended upon them finding out through observation and discussion. And let us not forget in Luke18:16 when Christ was referring to children and said “Heaven is filled with such as these”.

“Become like”and “such as” are modifiers. They refer to something “about” children and not the children themselves.
Jean Piaget, the imminent child psychologist, concluded that children between the ages of 2 and 7 are egocentric. Surly, our Lord knowing the nature of children, would not want His Apostles to become egocentric. That’s because Christ was referring to the attributes of children.

Christ was giving His Apostles and to us, directions on how to live a wonderful life after accepting Him as our Lord and Savior. If you were “born again”, how would you describe the way you would behave and live your life? In mortal terms you would be not be “born again” like a baby, but a child.

What is a main difference between an adult and a child. Worldly innocence!
What is innocence? It is the absence of groveling, impious thoughts and the presence of the 18
child like attributes that are found within the self-help story of “Your Miraculous Child Within”

What motivated you to write the book?

In my search I realized this would be of profound interest to other seekers for self-help answers on how to be happier and accepting the child they have always been a part of.

What type of reader did you write the book for?

The story is for those who like to be re-introduced to a less stressful way to live and feel closer to God.

How long did it take you to write Your Miraculous Child Within?

I year and 84 years of not knowing.

How did you come up with the title for the book?

Christ said we must try to adopt the attributes of children and be happier now and forever.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Your Miraculous Child WIthin?

Get out of the way of trying to impress and to just express what the Seeker needed to know from the Angel Gabriel.

What do you like to do when not writing?

Being thankful, being childlike, playing chess, photography and dealing with decades of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

I authored “Before the Beginning Began” which is sold out and within my new work is the award winning poem “Perfection”.