Bible Talk: 50 literal drawings explained (Author Interview)

What inspired you to create "Bible Talk: 50 literal drawings explained"?

I wanted to create a book that would get people’s attention and give them an enjoyable way to learn what the Bible is about.

How did you choose which Biblical sayings to depict in your drawings?

I wanted to cover all the important points in the Bible. And I also looked for sayings that could be depicted in a humorous drawing. And there were some false teachings I wanted to expose.

In what ways did you ensure that your interpretations were faithful to the original context and meaning of the Bible?

That can only be done with God’s blessings and a lot of hard work.

You mention that the book also addresses "some of the false ideas most people have about God." Can you provide an example of a common misconception and how your drawings challenge it?

One of them is the idea that God tortures people forever in fire. The drawing depicts that absurd idea, and then I debunk it in my explanation.

How did you approach the task of translating written scripture into a visual format while maintaining its depth and complexity?

I took a lot of risks. Boldness is an essential element of a good book.

How do you hope readers will benefit from "Bible Talk: 50 literal drawings explained"?

My hope is that it will make them look for answers in the Bible for themselves.

Which of the 50 drawings resonates the most with you personally, and why?

Probably the last one, where Jesus is waking Lazarus from death. It takes the fear out of death. And that’s really the message of the Bible.

In our visually-driven age, how do you see the role of art in enhancing one's understanding of religious texts like the Bible?

People will look at a drawing and get an AHA moment. They’ll think, I know that, he’s fishing for people! Illustrations are so important in a book.