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The cost to list your book permanently on our feed is $15.  A permanent listing helps your book rank by giving it time to be found by search engines and sent out in our RSS feed and newsletter.  It’s something many vendors like Amazon take into account when ranking your book.  

A spot in the sidebar for five days is $30.  The sidebar ensures your book will be seen at the top for at least five days on the site.
Save $5 by ordering both for $40

Please allow 24 hours for your book to be posted after ordering.  During checkout, you may pick your preferred date to start your book marketing or contact us after your order to pick a date.  If no date is picked, we market it ASAP.  There is also a place to link your book.  We use your book listing page on your vendor of choice (example Amazon). 

We value your book and thank you for choosing to market with us.  We’re looking forward to promoting it, please feel free to contact us anytime with questions!

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